What Have You Got to Sell?

Sell Your Goods or Services in a Booth at White Hall’s City Park

Do you produce handmade articles or perform a unique service? Every Autumn, thousands of White Hall families converge on City Park to celebrate Founders Day. They come for fun, food and fantastic finds that will remind them of these happy days. Be a part of this year’s fun by registering no later than October 12 for a booth using the form on the right. We’ll see you there!

A Word about City Park Improvements ...

Recently, the City of White Hall has engaged in a major project to make our City Park even more beautiful and accessible with the improvement of facilities and installation of new sidewalks. The City of White Hall is protecting this investment by prohibiting vehicular traffic across the new sidewalks. Booth operators will be required to bring dollies, carts or wagons to transport goods from your vehicle to your booth. We acknowledge this slight inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.



SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20, 7:00 – 9:30AM Set up

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21, 10:00AM – 6:00PM Vend

  • If you require electrical service, you must pay the fee in full before arrival at park and bring your own extension cords.
  • Bring State sales tax permit with you. You are responsible for collecting sales tax and remitting it to the state
  • Upon arrival, park your vehicle and/or rig on the side of the park and check in with booth coordinator for your booth location.
  • This is not a flea market. Second-hand and “yard sale” items are not permitted.